1. DISCLAIMER: this list isn't supporting abstinence only sex education, I am simply just talking about abstinence
  2. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ talking about sex so it's time I make this list
  3. abstinence is totally ok!!!!!
  4. abstinence can be practiced in many different ways!!!!!!!
  5. because people define sex in different ways, people can practice abstinence in different ways
  6. to some people, abstinence is not having sex when the risk of getting pregnant is present
    this can be not having sex at all OR just not having vaginal intercourse, while still doing other sexual things
  7. and some people practice abstinence by not having any kinds of sex until marriage
  8. and all of this is totally okay!!!!!!!!!
  9. and abstinence isn't always long term!!!!!!
  10. abstinence can simply be waiting until a better time to have sex, or waiting until you have a condom/other form of protection
  11. abstinence can be waiting until you're more comfortable with a partner
  12. and we shouldn't shame people who practice abstinence!!!!!!!
  13. and if someone practiced abstinence and then decided to have sex/not wait, we shouldn't shame them for that!!!!!
    people change all the time!!!! just like how I use to say I was straight and date men doesn't mean I'll always be straight!!!!!!! things change!!!!!!
  14. and if someone has had sex before, and then starts practicing abstinence, it's also totally okay!!!!
  15. and LGBT+ people can also practice abstinence
    despite popular belief, we aren't gay just for the sex
  16. people who practice abstinence are still super cool!!!!! and can still be educated about sex and sex positive
  17. ok I love u all and I just wanted to post this really quick
  18. (and this list is super short and I will probably make a longer one in the future)
  19. ALSO‼️‼️‼️‼️ asexuality doesn't mean abstinent
    I had a couple people ask me about this since I posted this list, and here is a cool article about asexuality and what it is/isn't http://www.asexualityarchive.com/tag/abstinence/
  20. &&& if any of this information is wrong you should call me out on it
    it wouldn't be the first time and definitely won't be the last 🤑