I post a lot about sex for someone who's never had sex?????????????
  1. ok I am making another list about sex and I'm not gonna apologize this time 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
  2. so earlier today I was talking my friend and he asked "so why can't I just pull out every time?"
  3. ,,,,,,,,,,so now I am going to make a list about pulling out
  4. pulling out is most commonly used in p&v sex to prevent pregnancy
  5. but there are like a million disadvantages to using it,,,,
  6. 4% of partners who use the pull out method correct EVERY SINGLE TIME will still get pregnant
  7. around 27% of partners who use the pull out method get pregnant
  8. and pulling out doesn't protect you from STI's or HIV
  9. and the most common mistake partners make with the pull out method is getting the timing wrong
  10. pulling out requires a lot of self control and it's pretty hard to time
  11. although MOST PRE CUM DOESNT CONTAIN SPERM, it can pick up sperm on its way out of your penis,,,,,,
    although this can be avoided mostly by peeing before having sex
  12. and then there's still the like 17% of penis owners who's pre cum does contain sperm
    ok this isn't an official number but when I looked this up I got numbers varying between 4% and 47% so????? I averaged it out and it came out to be around 17% so we'll go with that
  13. pulling out should be used for partners who are monogamous, tested, experienced, have a lot of trust in each other, and would totally be okay with using other forms of protection
    pulling out takes a lot of experience and you shouldn't trust just anyone to do it, both partners should be on the same page
  14. u can have sex however u want I just want y'all to be safe and I love u all so much
  15. and if any of this information is wrong, please correct me!!!!!!! I will love u forever!!!!!!!
    I tried double checkin everything but still!!!!!!!
    I am so lazy I never re read what I write ok
  17. ok bye love u