Aka part two of why @destiel is trash
  1. She turns me into memes
    And then backs them up on her laptop so I can never escape
  2. Drags me down with her when she becomes obsessed with something so we have to be trash together
  3. The whole English essay thing
  4. She's the better everything and I'm ???????????
    Everyone is confused too don't worry
  5. Spicy papa/gal pal
  6. Won't let me live down the first time we met
  7. This
  8. She likes grits???????????????????
  9. She looks cute in glasses but refuses to wear her glasses
  10. "What are we"
  11. Made me get a crush on her before I found out she hated lmao
    But at the same time who hates lmao like can we really trust her
  12. "It should also be Becca and I"
  13. I hate her