This list is mainly about vaginas but hey u do u boo,,,,,,,,,,,, this is just a pube positivity post,,,, am I allowed to post this?????? It's 2015
  1. It protects your vagina from dust and bacteria
  2. It looks super cute
  3. Your bush will save u $$$$
    Don't gotta waste time with razors or waxing,,,,,,,,, super cost efficient
  4. It's been proven to help spread pheromones
  5. It keeps your vagina warm!!!!
    Like a lil blanket
  6. You can trim it, let it grow out, dye it, braid it, make funky styles out of it, whatever you want!!!!!!!!
    Just like all hair!!!!!!!
  7. It eases friction!!!!!!
  8. But if you wanna shave that's cool!!!!!!!! No ones stopping you!!!! It's your body and I love you!!!!!!!