A Tour Of My Nightstand, Because I Cleaned****

And I think it's cute and just cluttered enough to feel cozy and Lesley Ann™
  1. I don't hate my green walls at the moment.
    Acceptance is the first step I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. The Tray
    This just collects things i don't know where to put. And Jewelry.
  3. Alice and the Viking Ship
    I got Alice at Disney World, goes well with my tea pot lamp. I got the Viking Ship in Solvang, California. Such a cute little town.
  4. The teapot lamp
    Whimsical 💫
  5. Jungle Cruise coaster
    I see now it has a coffee ring on it which makes it even more Lesley Ann™
  6. Books
    Just started Purity on Sunday! The Illustrated Harry Potter is soooo beautiful to look at it hasn't left my nightstand since I got it. The Blue Line is up next. 👍
  7. My iPod and headphones
    Charged and ready for action at all times.
  8. ****by cleaned I mean I cleaned the Nightstand area and the rest of my room is in complete disarray