I told @michael_circa91 I wasn't going to do this but here we are. (DISCLAIMER: If it sounds like I'm gushing about my extremely successful grandchildren it's because that's exactly what I'm doing here)
  1. Ryan Adams
    All time favorite forever. Okay, he has so much material and there's only like two (?) albums I sorta don't like? What an incredible artist.
  2. Manchester Orchestra
    What a talented group of people. So great live too. Constantly amazed.
  3. Ellie Goulding
    My queen. My everything.
  4. Brand New
    Wow such an incredible band. They changed my life.
  5. Something Corporate
    One of two shows I've cried at. Finally seeing them live, being barrier, and them playing Konstantine was the peak of my life and it's all been downhill from there.
  6. Emily Haines/Metric
    Another great songwriter. Knives Don't Have Your Back should be on everyone's iPod. I want Crowd Surf Off A Cliff to play at my funeral. SATELLITE MIND IS SUCH A TUNE TOO.
  7. Bully
    A very recent addition. Can't get sick of Feels Like wow.
  8. Augustana
    Can't Love Cant Hurt is easily in my top 5 albums of all time. Profound lyrics and DANS VOICE IS SO HAUNTING.
  9. Sufjan Stevens
    My soul literally left my body at his show. Ask @michael_circa91
  10. Nirvana
    No explanation needed? I spent $75 on an original pressing of Bleach and I have no regrets? Honestly.
  11. Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst
    He gets me.
  12. The Temper Trap
    Still waiting on that third album they keep talking about.... Conditions NEVER gets old?!!!!
  13. Until the Ribbon Breaks
    I love how unclassifiable they are. I'm a massive fan, it's been confirmed.
  14. Tobias Jesso Jr.
    Let me tell you about Tobias Jesso Jr. He'll break your heart with his sappy lyrics about love and heartbreak and then he'll make you laugh with his lovable sense of humor and he'll make you think you're best friends. (Maybe you are?) you're not.
  15. As Tall As Lions
    You Can't Take It With You ... WHAT AN ALBUM TALK TO ME ABOUT IT
  16. Jimmy Eat World
  17. Moving Mountains
    Emo post hardcore that MOVES me
  18. Ben Howard
    If his music could be the entire soundtrack to my and @michael_circa91 's eventual bio-pic that'd be cool.