Inspired by @andersun
  1. This is funny because I hate baseball so I'm including the reason WHY I went.
  2. Metrodome - Minneapolis MN
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    I was little. Got ice cream in one of those novelty baseball hats. Left early. I kept that baseball hat for an unreasonably long time though.
  3. Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles CA
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    Family vacation. I had to go to the baseball game so that we could go to Disneyland the next day. Worth the sacrifice.
  4. Chase Field - Phoenix AZ
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    Went with my uncle because we wanted the free gnome the first 1000 people into the stadium got. We went on the wrong night and got nothing. Stayed for the game because we bought tickets and at that point we thought might as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles CA
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    My dad came and visited me while I was living in LA and we went to a game. Looking back on this now this was sorta weird because neither of us enjoy baseball at all.
  6. Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles CA
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    One of my friends won tickets so we went and they were ridiculously good seats. It ended up being dollar dodger dog day. So I ate 4 hot dogs and I didn't have to pay or drive at all. Over all a great night. 😎👌🏼