I actually have these written in my moleskine for when @michael_circa91 and I get around to writing our book
  1. The time I tried to go to college (2 times) and then actually finished the third.
    Will probably contain my strong Opinions about college, social "norms" and expectations of others and why they mean nothing.
  2. Expectations vs. Reality vs. Worst Nightmate
    Spoiler alert: worst nightmare is actually reality
  3. The cooler didn't fit.
    The story of when @michael_circa91 and I went to lollapalooza, "traveled lightly", and the cooler didn't fit.
  4. How to maintain a child™
    My parents should just write this one.
  5. The times I forgot I was NOT in a Disney Park
    I once waved at a real life train conductor and was not at Disney and everyone stared. Even my mom.
  6. Emoji Appendix
    So people can translate the screenshotted text conversations between @michael_circa91 and me.
  7. Your Friends and Family Are Worried About You
    A ten page dissertation about why I believe existentialism ruined me in the best way possible.
  8. The best decision I ever made
    (Followed by some really bad ones) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯