Because I have a lot of things on my walls and good on you @lesbian for not having anything on your walls. Inspired by @lesbian
  1. My bulletin board w/various stickers, ticket stubs, pins etc.
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  2. The Good Life's latest album art in poster form
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  3. This beautiful pic of Ellie Goulding
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  4. This beautiful print of Ariel and Flounder
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  5. A poster from a Bully show that hasn't happened yet.
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  6. This Tobias Jesso Jr. poster I took.
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    That's a story I'll tell someday
  7. My 2015 Vintage Disney calendar
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    I'll probably leave it up because I didn't get a 2016 calendar and I like the art.
  8. This The Maine flag
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  9. Polaroids and Instagram prints
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  10. More Polaroids
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  11. Temper Trap set list from 2010
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  12. These posters
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  13. This poster
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    Basically a lot of band posters
  14. My room is that of a teenager
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  15. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  16. More posters
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  17. My most prized possession besides my records
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    It's a vintage Disneyland pennant. They sold these as souvenirs in the first couple years the park was open.
  18. The Brand New poster
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    💚 Manchester Orchestra opened so it was a really really great show. 👌🏼👍🏼
  19. My canvas print of Walt walking under the Disneyland Castle
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    Because I'm obsessed.
  20. My bandana from when I saw @john on the Born & Raised tour.
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    I bought the bandana because I couldn't afford a shirt. 🙃
  21. London Grammar setlist
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    Signed 🤗🤗
    49d9d60d f372 4fcf a58c b43209abc904
  23. Skaters setlist
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  24. Jake Bugg setlist
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  25. Wolf Alice setlist
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  26. This Title Fight poster
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  27. Another Radiohead poster
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  28. Tame Impala lithograph
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  29. Wilco poster
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    My friend won tickets to their show at the Hollywood Bowl. It was incredible. Joanna Newsom opened and she blew my mind.
  30. That's "it"
  31. Also my walls are lime green because when I was 12 I thought it would be cool to have lime green walls