Inspired by @Nicholas and @zoe. Thx. I love talking about myself.
  1. Sandwich
    Toasted bread, fried egg, avocado, Swiss cheese and tomatoes. 👌🏼 breakfast for every meal pls.
  2. Mixed Drink
    Chocolate milk. For REALZ.
  3. Wrap
    Not too hot for the wraps TBH. Would rather do tacos. (Fish tacos)
  4. Pizza
    I actually call this the LA Special. Thin crust, pineapple, and green peppers.
  5. Birthday
    Preferably at my cabin, or in a museum. Super low key probs just go out for ice cream w/ the fam.
  6. Workout Routine
    Kickboxing about 4 times a week, maybe cardio on Sundays if I don't work. I 💛 working out.
  7. Meltdown
    Will totally shut down and probs watch a Disney movie and cry. Or I'll sit in the dark and listen to Love is Hell on repeat for hours.
  8. Coffee
    Brewed drip coffee, no room. The darker the roast the better. Get that cream and sugar AWAY from me.