Actually I think I put it in the deposit drop off at Wells Fargo™. This could be my biggest blonde moment yet.
  1. Today was a day like any other
  2. I woke up smelling like cigarettes and whisky from binge watching 4 episodes of Peaky Blinders
  3. Rushed into work
  4. Had to work an hour late cos new releases and we have no room for more CDs!!!!
    Which is great we made them fit it's fine.
  5. Then I left work and answered all my texts and dropped the deposit off
  6. And now I can't find my phone
  7. I looked all over the ground by the drop off and in my car.
    Kronk was nowhere to be seen. :(
  8. So I can only guess that Kronk is having the adventure of a lifetime right now and I'm the worried sick mother that only wants him home, in my hands.
    I'm addicted and Kronk is my phone.
  9. So I laugh/cried the entire way home.
  10. Tbh if Kronk is not at the bank idk where he is or who has him and I'd for real cry because who has the money for a new phone????????