1. January
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    Started bonding with my (now 1 year old) nephew! He's adorable.
  2. February
    After being unemployed for a while I got a job that I love!
  3. March
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    We don't talk about March.
  4. April
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    Saw Sufjan Stevens with @michael_circa91 and we both died.
  5. May
    TBH I don't remember May and I don't have any pictures from May on my camera roll so maybe May didn't even happen?
  6. June
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    Had more cabin time than I thought I would!
  7. July
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    I turned 24! That's me and my nephew at my ice cream bday party. I had two scoops of The Tonight Dough.
  8. August
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    I failed to get a pair of yeezys. 👎🏼
  9. September
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    Went to WDW with my Mom. ❤️ We had a really nice time.
  10. October
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    Ate 💩 on my longboard, had to go to ER, and got six stitches because I broke my face. Also saw a lot of SYCK shows.
  11. November
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    Went to LA. Saw my friends, ate tons of delicious food, bought some records, and met Captain America.
  12. December
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    It finally snowed, a lot of self-reflection.