Inspired by @bjnovak even though I changed it slightly because I've only ever had one kind of smartphone 📱
  1. I was in sixth grade and my parents got me a cellphone so I could call and tell them when I was done with tennis practice.
    I had a total of four contacts and all I remember was I had an iridescent purple case on it. 😎 it was not a flip phone.
  2. This flip phone
    IT HAD A COLOUR SCREEN AND A ~BEACH THEMED WALLPAPER. I used this mostly to play snake.
  3. The Venus
    I loved (still do TBH) this phone more than any other phone I've ever owned. I kept it way past the 2 year contract and used it to the point the buttons didn't have numbers on them anymore. What a great phone. 💔
  4. The ENV2
    I hated this phone only because my Venus died and then I had to get this. It was probably fine. Would eventually be replaced with my iPhone.
  5. iPhone 4
    Really really loved this phone and only replaced it when the iOS wasn't compatible with apps anymore. :/ RIP Oliver (I did replace the glass three times during its lifetime)
  6. iPhone 6
    This beautiful thing. I like the screen size and it's wayyyy faster than my iPhone 4. My glass is cracked already, but I just deal with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯