1. 😎
    Obvs (self portrait, because I have so much chill)
  2. 💫
    For when i'm excited about something but it's totally sarcastic
  3. 🚀
    When I'm actually excited about something. Like aliens. Or the spice girls. (Or both)
  4. 🇬🇧
    The Homeland. God save the queen.
  5. 🚮
    When something is TRASH. Like when concert tickets are expensive or when I didn't win that Instagram contest.
  6. ✔️
    Equivalent to YOLO in my book. (Just do it)
  7. 👓👓👓
    Always used in threes. Every time.
  8. 👀
    Me, "flirting" from afar.
  9. 🐼
    Angry pandaaaaaaaa so angry
  10. 🍕
    Because usually that's followed with actual pizza.