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  1. The Chandelier
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    I took this at Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom. I scoped it out and waited for the family eating at the table to finish. As soon as they got up I went over there and put my phone amongst their dirty dishes for this. 🌚
  2. Mad Tea Party
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    I did not take this with an iPhone.
  3. The Moment
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    Also titled the best feeling. 💖
  4. Me; in my happy place
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  5. Breakfast tablescape
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    On a breakfast and matinee movie outing. 🌅
  6. Skaters
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    The band.
  7. View from the top
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    of Camelback Mountain 🏜
  8. LA
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    Ahh how I miss Palm trees and ferns.
  9. ☔️
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    I took this while driving. Don't do that.