Inspired by @michael_circa91, @marymurphy and everyone else who did this already months ago!
  1. Personal Assistant
    Adam Scott
  2. Culinary Expert
    Gordon Ramsay
  3. Personal Trainer/Exercise Buddy
    David Beckham
  4. Publicist
    Kanye West
  5. International Ambassador
    Prince Harry
  6. Creative Consultant
    Dev Hynes
  7. DJ/Director of Music
    Zane Lowe
  8. Director of Photography
    Conor McDonnell
  9. Director of Cinematography
    Casey Neistat
  10. Fashion Consultant
    Harry Styles
  11. Head of Security
    Jason Momoa
  12. Comedic Relief
    Aziz Ansari
  13. Lifestyle Guru/Ball of Sunshine
    Niall Horan