This started out as a serious list
  1. beach umbrella for when I'm tanning at the beach which is never
  2. 🛌
    A person sleeping in bed. All that's missing the the inevitable glow from the cell phone.
  3. 🏺
    A VAAAAASE For when @michael_circa91 and I sing Hercules obnoxiously.
  4. 🛰
    New spacecraft! Take me to your leader. (I know this is a satellite) I just like aliens. Now I'm gonna beg the creators for a UFO
  5. 🏹
    KATNISS. MERIDA. HAWKEYE. LEGOLAS. I love the representation we're getting here.
  6. 🏌
    This is Niall. From One Direction. As if there were other Nialls to get confused about.
  7. 🍾
    Poppin bottles. Love. Money. Party.
  8. 🕵
    Inspector Gadget??
  9. 🖖
    Live long and prosper.
  10. 🙃
    For when things get too turnt up.