feeling nostalgic ...
  1. The elevator ride to the observation deck of the Sears Tower.
    The longest.
  2. Riding the kiddie rollercoaster at some pop up carnival, and the girl sitting next to me kept hitting me in the arm with her tube of mini M&Ms.
    I did not have a good time.
  3. Staying up really late to watch the Back To The Future trilogy for the first time at my cabin one summer night
    Obvs life changing so this isn't really ordinary
  4. When my Grandpa picked me up from school
    I felt sooooo cool and special.
  5. Ice skating lessons
    And not trying very hard
  6. Riding bikes with my sister through the woods at my cabin
    We would do this in the AM and then go down to the lake in the afternoon once it warmed up more. Outside allllll day
  7. Laying in the hallway outside the bathroom watching my mom get ready for work
    I was V little. Choosing which stuffed animal that came with me was very hard.