Inspired by @egkeller
  1. Disneyland
    Hostess/Tour Guide. This is actually the only serious item on this list. I would love to be a tour guide. I would get to show people around and tell them all the otherwise useless knowledge I have about the Disney Parks.
  2. NBC
    First female host of a late night talk show!
  3. CIA
    I'd know all the government secrets and would be a spy.
  4. Victoria Beckham
    I want to be her personal assistant!!!!!!! PLS
  5. Survivor
    Challenge builder/tester. The ULTIMATE DREAM HOLY 💩
  6. Yellowstone National Park
    I would want to be a walking ranger were I get to tell people that they are literally standing on top of the worlds largest super volcano that could explode at any moment and end human life as we know it. Like that one docent did to me. 😎
  7. Self Employed
    ceo/owner of some super trendy tech startup I started with a friend.
  8. Self Employed
    Tomb Raider. (Aka Lara Croft.)
  9. Self Employed
    Author of next mega-dystopian-young-adult- trilogy-turned-four-part-mega-blockbuster-franchise.
  10. Self Emoloyed
    Socialite. Gets paid to wear clothes and go places.