What a GREAT day. I'm only being halfway sarcastic.
  1. A new sweet shop opened at the mall by my house.
    They opened two days ago so everything was still so pretty and fresh and I wanted one of everything
  2. Static
    The macaroons were okay. The best thing I sampled was the milk chocolate truffle.
  3. I ate lunch at this new fresh food place.
    Was DELISH. Will def go again and I want to try their fresh juices.
  4. I spent $70 at the Disney Store.
    I bought a Christmas sweater and this mug. (Because I definitely needed another Disney sweater and another Disney mug.)
  5. I cleaned my room and washed my bedding and dusted and everything feels fresh.
  6. I listened to
  7. And
  8. I started reading
  9. I looked through my Instagram likes
    This bunch is a good one.
  10. 🌙
    Today was emotionally exhausting and I'm ready for a vacation.