1. When my only task was to pick the little tiny red-orange leeches off my toes
    And literally nothing else
  2. Finishing a book; and then immediately starting another.
  3. Watching a family of Loons dive for their dinner
    Hearing them talk to each other too ❤️
  4. Not talking to anyone I didn't want to talk to for six days
    For real tho I didn't leave my cabin for six days and it was WONDERFUL
  5. Getting up water skiing the first time since last year
    I always worry I won't be able to but every time I do and it's so fun.
  6. Watching the deer in the backyard
  7. Going swimming
    The water is always cold at first but after you get in it feels so good and refreshing and clean. I love how I can see all the way to the bottom and all the little minnows that swim around me if I stay really still. 😊
  8. Seeing an Eagle swoop down like 100 feet in front of me (or less, I'm a bad judge of distance) and get a fish and THEN go right up in a tree really close and eat it right there I was like
    👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 NATURE IS AMAZING
  9. The worst part was leaving and now I'm home and I have work tomorrow.
    WAH WAHH buzzKILL but I had such a great time and feel so refreshed🚀🚀🚀
  10. Also this sunset KILLED IT