Inspired by @estone what a great list idea!!!
  1. North - International Falls MN
    My dad and I went camping! It was really beautiful and I think we were in Canada a little bit but only on water so idk of that actually counts?
  2. East - Orlando FL
    MMHMMM gotta get to NYC and SOON
  3. South - Tampa FL
    An ill fated high school marching band trip. Complete nightmare.
  4. West - Oxnard CA
    Technically further west than LA 🕵 Saw a bunch of seals here.
  5. Highest Point - Bear Tooth Pass MT
    Drove this and stopped at the top and it was about 10,000 feet above sea level. Made a joke about how I can now use Approved Electronic Devices.
  6. Lowest Point - The Pacific Ocean
    Zuma beach