1. Getting mail.
    Getting mail that isn't a bill is genuinely SO exciting. Usually a grandma is involved.
  2. Seeing the characters at the Disney Parks.
    I will probably yell their names, wave, and then be jealous of all the children they are paying attention to.
  3. Seeing dogs in public places.
    I get so excited I usually stop dead in my tracks and then work up the courage to ask the owner "CAN I PET YOUR DOG!?? Pleaseeeee?!" This also goes for cats. Sightings of cats in public are rare.
  4. Cute key chains.
    Almost bought a sandwich one with a lil face on it. Still might.
  5. Anything Harry Potter related
    I'll be obsessed till the day I die.
  6. Magic 8 balls
    Especially when they answer "it is decidedly so"