1. Catfish & the Bottlemen
    Saw them live and met them with @michael_circa91 . I can't stop listening to either of their albums.. They are total rockstars.
  2. Old Pictures
    I think I'm going to make a photo album of all my family, so I've been looking through a whole bunch! It's been really fun and so crazy to see my relatives when they were my age!
  3. The Replacements
    I read Trouble Boys: The True Story Of The Replacements and it was so honest, funny, heartbreaking, and educational. I loved every page. It also made me want to listen to their music more in depth than I ever had before and I love it even more now.
  4. Dining Al Fresco
    Summer is here! Which means I must take advantage and eat outside!!!!
    Holy 💩 this SHOW. It's so good, I'm obsessed. After flying through the first two seasons I've made myself stretch out season three a little. Only one episode left now though 😰
  6. SPACE
    I saw Mars and Saturn with my own eyes all the way from Earth. Someone discovered new dark spots on Neptune, and THIS BEAUTIFUL picture of the aurora on Jupiter's poles. Bless the technology that allows us to explore and learn more about our universe and were we come from. 👽