@michael_circa91 and I will bring the shade
  1. Seth Meyers
    I want to shove his laugh down his throat.
  2. USBank Stadium
    You'd think with the frowning Jesus mural watching they could use our tax money a little better. 💥🔫
  3. The System
    Doesn't stand a chance.
  4. Dan Rothman
    Professional third wheel. (Honestly this guy is the NICEST dude ever. We just make the rudest jokes and laugh so hard. No reason.)
  5. Souped Up Trucks
    Tell me more about how you're NOT compensating for your small penis.
  6. Parking
    "What are you gonna do? Give me a ticket?" *gets ticket*
  7. Lorne Michaels
  8. Ourselves
    Attend a concert. Collect a LIFE tile and not much else.