1. Oh good, pumpkins.
  2. They are taking produce presentation to the NEXT LEVEL
    Other grocers need to step up their game.
  3. Oh free GRAPE sample?!
    Yes please. So fresh.
  4. They sell clothes here?!
    Of course they do.
  5. where are the dried mangos?
    8.99!????!!!! Ha *settles for banana chips*
  6. Oh free chip sample?!
    Yes please.
  7. Where is the bakery?
    Oooooo pumpkin macaroon?? So festive. But also $2 so ill pass.
  8. Oh free cheese sample!
    Yes please :)
  9. Avoids all eye contact with workers cos I've now been walking around for ages and am only buying banana chips.
  10. Omg that PIZZA LOOKS SO GOOD
    🍕🍕🍕(I did not buy the pizza)
  11. Okay I'll just get these banana chips
  12. *sits in cafe watching giada munching away while using free wifi for 45 more minutes*