1. My bag.
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    I use it when I want to feel rich (all the time)
  2. My work badge
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    Ask me about Adele. Do it.
  3. Two wallets
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    One for important things, the other for not important things PRO TIP: Makes for transitioning bags easier!
  4. So many receipts
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    (And stickers?)
  5. Lose change
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    Because I can't use my wallet(s) apparently.
  6. Headphones
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    Tangled of course
  7. Phone charger cube
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    I'm constantly on the verge of 1%. BUT WHERE IS MY CHORD
  8. Hipster accessories
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    It just happens IM NOT TRYING
  9. Ear Plugs and Sunglasses
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    To protect my hearing at shows!! Wear earplugs!!!
  10. Leftover lunches
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    Two baggies of triscuts. I didn't even know these were in my bag. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. My phone!
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    My lifeline, my true love, my one and only.