1. My bag.
    I use it when I want to feel rich (all the time)
  2. My work badge
    Ask me about Adele. Do it.
  3. Two wallets
    One for important things, the other for not important things PRO TIP: Makes for transitioning bags easier!
  4. So many receipts
    (And stickers?)
  5. Lose change
    Because I can't use my wallet(s) apparently.
  6. Headphones
    Tangled of course
  7. Phone charger cube
    I'm constantly on the verge of 1%. BUT WHERE IS MY CHORD
  8. Hipster accessories
    It just happens IM NOT TRYING
  9. Ear Plugs and Sunglasses
    To protect my hearing at shows!! Wear earplugs!!!
  10. Leftover lunches
    Two baggies of triscuts. I didn't even know these were in my bag. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. My phone!
    My lifeline, my true love, my one and only.