1. Raindrops in LA and TV in color
  2. Gardening and Judy and not calling my mother
  3. Brown paper packages from Amazon
    Yes I realize that I'm singing this wrong
  4. John Waters movies and high waisted denim
  5. French macarons in the flavor of lemon
  6. Ambien, Adderall, Red Bull and Vics
  7. Karaoke sessions with only one mic!
  8. Sleigh Bells and Fleetwood and Liz Phair and Tommy
  9. Ballet and eating Swiss cheese with pastrami
  10. Days when the writers room all gets along
  11. Thinking of lyrics for this very song!
  12. When phone rings, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling unheard
  13. I simply remember my favorite things and then I feel less...like a turd!