1. Ballet
    I danced when I was younger, up until I was about 15 but quit because it got kinda serious and I didn't want to go down that road. I started taking ballet classes last year and soon realized it was the kind of movement id been craving for so long. Ballet is exercise, art, and meditation all rolled into one. After enrolling in align ballet method, a year later I find myself on pointe, a lifelong dream. It doesn't hurt because my ankles are strong. I DID THAT!
  2. Painting
    Paul was bored one day so he bought a bunch of canvases, brushes, et al. He never touched them. Then, I was bored one day and I did. It was so much fun discovering colors and such that I found my own painting path and now play around mostly with water colors. I'm not good but I don't care! This led me to...
  3. Handwriting
    Kinda steam-punk but Stern backs it so it's felt. I love drawing but I'm not a good draw-er. To practice I just started drawing letters and a handful of sketchbooks later, I've gotten pretty good! (In my own way). I also have the kind of pencil that you need to sharpen with a knife-- always fun.
  4. Weird other art/craft
    I buy figurines at thrift stores and paint them to look Satan-esque. It's a little Suicide Girls but painting over someone else's weird religious art to make it more Hot Topic has its own soothing kind of fuck you ringtone to it. It's also meditative. I guess all of these things are.
  5. Home repairs
    Once I had to fix my own toilet. It's just the way the world works sometimes. With the help of my contracting friend and a Google search, I figured out what parts I needed and went the hardware store. 8 hours later my toilet was better than it had ever been and I felt HIGH. Now own a drill. I fix everything! I PUT UP MY OWN WALLPAPER
  6. Nice handbags
    I was a true tote bag lady until this year. I get it now. And I love it.
  7. Collaborating
    Still learning but also realizing its kind of the only lesson I've ever needed to learn. Took like 10 attempts-- that I know of.