Inspired by @white_lightning
  1. Ante Up//M.O.P.
    My fight song, duh. Take rings off. Take chains off. Bracelets? Yep.
  2. Right Here/Human Nature rmx// SWV
    SWV has a new reality show but I wish they had a new album instead.
  3. Can You Feel It// Jackson 5
    Listen to this song and imagine yourself in a cinematic dance sequence, as I do.
  4. Something About You// Level 42
    Or perhaps a romance montage
  5. Kiss From A Rose//Seal
    My go to song for when I fantasize about being a depressed stripper.
  6. Jet Ski// Bikini Kill
    Hard to pick just one, but I can't not scream this song at the top of my lungs whenever I hear it.
  7. Suedehead// Morrissey
    Idk why it's just the one that gets me
  8. I Will Dare// The Replacements
    Reminds me of being broken hearted and makes me wish I could get it broken some more
  9. Spread Your Wings//Queen
    I share this anthem with Paul which rules because I love that boy