1. Camp in the woods for an entire summer. Pacific Northwest.
    Off the grid
  2. Hike a relatively easy path on the Annapurna trail in Nepal
  3. Boating expedition to Alaska to see the Northern Lights
  4. Work as a private detective
  5. Own and live in a cabin in Big Sur and paint and write
    Retirement career part 1
  6. Get Amnesia
    Sounds fun to me
  7. Make a movie
  8. Give birth
  9. Learn how to drive stick
  10. Live in New York again (not necessarily nyc tho)
  11. Be a grandparent
    Smoke cigs, take pills, play cards, cashmere Juicy sweatsuits for days, live in Boca, sleep around. Retirement career part 2
  12. Give an amazing dance performance on pointe.
  13. Whittle stuff
  14. Auction off my estate and have it be a really big deal
  15. Produce many things
  16. Get Paul to look directly into my eyes for 5 minutes without either of us talking
  17. See a ghost & talk to it
    Preferably Harris
  18. See a UFO for real
  19. Learn how to sail
    Preferably in Maine
  20. Perform a Bikini Kill song live
    Vocals duh