1. Scott Baio
    I wanted Charles to be "in Charge" of my vagina.
  2. Ricky Schroeder
    I used to fantasize about him sticking a "Silver Spoon" up my... Vagina?
  3. The Boy Who Could Fly
    I weirdly thought he was hot even though I'm pretty sure he was... Retar?
  4. Sean Astin
    I loved him and loved the part in Goonies when Andie accidentally kissed him and his sneakers were slipping in the dirt.
  5. McKenzie Astin
    Wait-- Sean's ginge older brother? I wished one "Fact of my life" was that he would climb a ladder into yup you guessed it. My vagina.
  6. Styles from Teen Wolf
    Who wouldn't have a crush on the guy with the best tude in town?
  7. Buddy, Terri's younger brother from Just One of the Guys
    He was so horny it made me horny
  8. Noah Taylor from Flirting
    Bold moves. This was around the time I desperately ached for young love.
  9. Christian Bale circa Empire of the Sun
    Hey kid, want a Hershey bar? Yeah I bet you do you little runaway.
  10. Christian Slater circa Pump Up the Volume
    All this talk about Happy Harry Hard-on is making me wanna show you my boobs in the backyard.
  11. Jon Bender
    Be as mean to me as you want. As long as you promise to give me your diamond stud at the end of detention.