1. Mother's Day
    An old lady skeleton sitting in a rocking chair
  2. Visiting Hours
    A hospital where all the rooms that have the lights turned out make a skull shape when seen from a distance
  3. A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon
    River Phoenix in a pink or yellow sweater, somewhat of a preppy look
  4. I'll Spit On Your Grave
    The back of girl holding a knife and you can fully see her butt
  5. The Secret Of My Success
    Michael J. Fox afloat a giant popped bottle of champagne in the sky. (While I'm no stranger to this movie, this image comes to mind first)
  6. The Serpent And The Rainbow
    Bill Pullmans face is white... May or may not have a rainbow.
  7. April Fools Day
    The back of a girl holding a knife behind her back. Her dress is pink and her hair is braided like a noose (great cover btw)