1. The one about the girl who got rabies
  2. Old lady gambling addict
  3. The girl who found the other girls balloon note
  4. Typhoid Mary
  5. The one about he guy who found a perfectly preserved human in the snow.
    Moccasins and pollen were mentioned
  6. The dude who accidentally killed the worlds oldest tree
    5,000 years old!
  7. That crazy gnarly bike race one
  8. People who can see more colors
  9. Something about probability
  10. Something about insects hearing cooler shit than us
  11. The one about the multiverse
    Suggested by @zkamenetz
  12. The one where the guys girlfriend gets hit by a truck and they think she's brain dead and then she's not and you hear her talk like 3/4 of the way through and it makes you cry
    Suggested by @madithelma
  13. "In the dust of this planet" nihilism, mysticism, Jay-Z's costume designer
    Suggested by @anda
  14. @anda I actually thought that one kinda sucked. They talked about a t shirt id never heard of for like an hour.