1. "Married & Horny"
    "I love my wife, but we haven't had sex in ten years!"
  2. "Getting Into Harvard"
    Grammar school kids compete to (eventually) go to the best school in the country. There's only one slot available... And they have to live in a house together until senior year.
  3. "Stage Moms"
    It's like Dance Moms, but for jobs that may actually lead to real careers.
  4. "One Step Closer To Suicide"
    It's like "Scare Tactics" but instead of scaring people with stuff that can never be real, it takes more of a "psychological thriller" approach.
  5. Celebrity Sex Rehab
  6. "Stage Dads"
    Like "Stage Moms" except weirder cuz it's dads.
  7. "Death Island"
    Kinda like that Ray Liotta movie... put a dozen condemned convicts together on a deserted island. Last one standing wins his/her freedom. This fall on FOX?
    Suggested by @kflinn1
  8. My roommate might be a Dracula
    Suggested by @dksizzle
  9. Hassling the Hoff
    Suggested by @dksizzle
  10. Celebrity knife fight
    Suggested by @dksizzle