1. Away With The Pixies: Ben Lee
    Kind of a wimpy first song but this album, Grandpaw Would, was a favorite of mine in 9th grade. Ever see the documentary he made about himself? At one point, there's a shot of him reading "Amazing Musician" magazine.
  2. Eleanor Rigby: Aretha Franklin
    I love it when soul singers cover white people music. "Southern Man" by Merry Clayton will make you want to hide in a closet. "California Dreamin" by Bobby Womack will make you want to attend your own funeral.
  3. Po'T: Heloise and the Savoire Faire
    Unknown band that sounds like disco heaven. I love this song cuz it's about a guy whose nickname was "Po'T"-- short for poor thing, cuz his dick was so big.
  4. Made in America: Jay Z, Kanye, Frank Ocean
    I sing this song to Paul all the time. Fun fact: Jay z calls his grandmother "Ya Ya." Too cute!
  5. The Fight: Sia
    I love this song cuz it's about how we all won the fight against all the other teeny tiny sperm that were trying to get all up in that egg.