In my house, I'm the one who fixes and hangs and hammers and mends. Here's a list of tools that have made the fix it life much easier. It's all been trial and error and its ruled.
  1. Seam Ripper
    Aside from the obvious seam ripping (letting out alterations, itchy tag removal) these lil monsters are a great alt for tiny knife like procedures without being too dangerous. E.g., I just made an extra button hole in a pair of overalls.
  2. Drill
    I don't know what I was doing with my life before I owned a drill. Hang anything. Unscrew the impossible. Make a tiny hole if you need to twist something by hand, or install an anchor...
  3. Anchors
    Want to hang something but the drywall won't hold your screw? Welcome to the world on anchors. Always good to have a bunch of these around. Make sure it's the right size for the screw you're using and off you go.
  4. The right sized hammer
    I have tiny lady hands. For years I would use a big, heavy hammer cuz it was just the first one I'd grab off the shelf. Now that I have one that's small and light I find it much easier to pound the shit outta stuff. Your hammer and your arm are tools that work in tandem; neither can get the job done on their own.
  5. Screwdriver with alt. heads
    Some screws have a little cross, and some have a slit. When faced with this dilemma it's nice to have a screwdriver that will help you solve that problem in a jiff.
  6. Pliers
    This is the type of tool you might not think you need until you do. They solve very specific issues. Ours sat around collecting dust until the dial fell off the AC. Who fixes an AC? And who has time to wait for cold air when it's 90 degrees and bedtime? Oh hello pliers.
  7. Box cutter
    Is there anything more satisfying than coming home after a long day of work only to find a delicious brown box waiting at your doorstep? Yes. It's cutting that box open with a tool intended for doing just that very thing. A box cutter tells you exactly who it is from the start, it's got no time for mind games. I love it when stubborn packing tape thinks it's tough and then the box cutter steps in and is all "Pssh, whatever man."
  8. Level
    There's nothing cool about some weird green liquid letting you know when the shelf you're about to hang is crooked. SIKE IT IS THE ONLY COOL THING IN THIS CRAZY MIXED-UP WORLD!
  9. A pair of scissors in every room
    Kitchen. Office. Bedroom. Den. I don't know why, just do it. For some reason I'm always needing a scissor. The same goes for pens and post-its.
  10. Different kinds of tape
    Packing. Electrical. Duct. Scotch-- double sided and regs. Masking. Keep em in a special tape drawer so Paul can stop asking you where the tape is. (Special shout out to electrical; soft like silk, strong like ox).
  11. Measuring tape
    I've never not needed measuring tape. Have a few because it's easy to forget where you put it.
  12. Medium strength wire
    If your picture frame doesn't already include this, you should be annoyed, however you won't stay annoyed for long if you have some wire laying around. You don't need picture hangers either, screws or nails work too. The medium strength is strong enough to hold a watered plant but still thin enough to cut using a...
  13. Wire cutter!
    I'm not mad I own wire cutters, I'll say that much.
    I tried 4 different pairs of hardcore scissors when I needed to cut a rug pad. These fuckers were the only ones that worked. THEY CUT THROUGH WOOD PEOPLE.
    Need to wear in some new shoes? Say what up to this little game changer. Sold at most shoe repair stores.
    Like the kind you use to wash dishes. When you can't open a jar just grab a rubber glove and try. The friction works just as good as any dudes upper arm. No rubber gloves? Maybe the other side of your bathmat is rubber, that works too. Anything rubber and flexible will do the job.