1. The movie "Heathers"
    If this were to be a Jeopardy category I'm confident I'd clean house. Specifically about the narrative and dialogue, or fun facts about the cast. Not sure who the key grip was or whatever.
  2. 12 Step Programs
    I know my shit
  3. "Classic" illegal substances
    I don't know about bath salts or krokodil-- new drugs to hit the street, but having a vast amount of personal experience as well as my CASAC (Certified Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor) license, I could drop some science on this subject.
  4. The Manson Family Murders
    I read Helter Skelter and The Family and own a hard-to-find documentary.
  5. 90s pop culture, specifically alternative stuff
    In high school, Knowing cool stuff was all I had