1. His license plate said PAPADUKE
  2. He rode a motorcycle and gave the kids in my hood rides.
  3. The back of his leather jacket said "Pussycat"
  4. He would spray whipped cream into the palm of my hand as a treat
  5. He dressed in monochrome. Baby blue, red, tan, yellow etc.
  6. His den was entirely plaid
  7. He owned a Delorian
  8. His favorite genre of music was "big band"
  9. He gave us black market cabbage patch kids
  10. He owned a gun
  11. He wore a hat everyday, usually a Kangol
  12. He owned a car with three wheels
  13. His doorbell played a song
  14. He had a player piano
  15. He had a joke outgoing message on his answering machine
  16. He taught me my first word: "Bullshit"
  17. He would refer to "surprises" by the first letter only. "I have an S for you".
  18. He owned a Rolls Royce