1. It's the year 2000. I'm 15.
  2. Grade ten at a scary catholic high school
  3. This was my bad girl year. I got suspended twice: once for telling my drama teacher to fuck off, and again for slapping my friend Anthony in the hallway.
  4. I took driver's ed that year but didn't get my full license until I was 17.
  5. My best friend at the time had rainbow braces and went to a different school.
  6. She later ditched me because her boyfriend didn't like me.
    fuck that guy, no?
  7. My icq name was probably like *pUNk RaWk kiTTee* or something stupid like that.
  8. Still hadn't drank, got high or had sex at this point.
  9. I wore a godawful amount of baggy skater girl clothing.
  10. And Modrobes. 😁
  11. I bleached my hair because why not.
  12. Got my eyebrow pierced, too.
  13. Not surprisingly, I hated my parents.