Poly is my cat. He is great and awesome and every other word you can think of that means something positive. But sometimes I like to call him by other names because that makes life more exciting.
  1. Butthead
  2. Farty face
  3. Kitty witty
  4. Smelly
  5. Bow tie
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  6. Mr. Purry Pants
  7. Mr. Farty Pants
  8. Mr. Pink Nose
  9. Fluffernutter
    he is tres fluffy
  10. Snuggle butt
  11. Dildo
    Typically when he does something stupid, like knock my glass of water off the table. "Stop being a dildo!"
  12. Penguin
  13. Tuxey
  14. Mon chat
    J'ador mon chat!!! 😍😽❤️