I'm in Austin! Here's what I've done so far. What else should I do?
  1. State Capitol
    This was actually pretty cool. Amazing architecture. Guards with machine guns kind of harshed the vibe a bit, but still worth checking out.
  2. Salt Lick BBQ
    The BBQ was awesome, but the rolling hills and sunset were almost worth the trip alone.
  3. Seventh Flag Coffee
    Cute people, nice vibe, good coffee.
  4. Austin Motel
    This place was funky, but cool. Especially good if you plan to be out a lot.
  5. Allen's Boots
    Why not get that pair of $700 purple ostrich leather boots you've always wanted? Come on, you're on vacation.
  6. Zilker Botanical Gardens
    Lush, gorgeous and quiet. The giant flowers make excellent party hats.
  7. Guero's Taco Bar
    The food is good, and the sign is even better.
  8. Static
    Finally got to meet my good internet friend in real life! She showed us the cool old built-in ironing board in her house!
  9. The Airbnb we're staying in.
    It's called The Carbon Neutral Oasis. It's peaceful and beautiful. Susanna is a great host.
  10. What else?