The Deck is a seasonal floating restaurant and bar on Marine Drive in Portland. It's "the working man's maritime eatery," and it's one of my favorite places on the planet for a million different reasons. Here are a few of them:
  1. Bucket drinks
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  2. It's disorienting - in the best way possible.
    The Deck gives you that "instant vacation"/"I-don't-know-where-the-fuck-I-am-right-now-but-it-definitely-isn't-Portland" feeling. I live for that feeling.
  3. $3 logo visors
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    Best visor for your buck, anywhere.
  4. Free Tootsie Pops after your meal!
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    Makes regular after-dinner-mints seem like total bullshit.
  5. Salty yet loving waitstaff.
    See my anecdote about the waitress who affectionately called me a "little bird" and told me to "fly" when I ordered a shot of Fireball in my list "BEST RESTAURANTS IN PORTLAND."
  6. Festive garnishes.
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  7. They give you blankets if you're cold!
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  8. Coronas in bulk.
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  9. Beautiful murals.
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  10. Did I mention the bucket drinks?
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  11. Notice that I specifically did not mention the food. People go to The Deck for the atmosphere, and to drink. Order strategically and stick to the basics: burgers, fish and chips, etc.
  12. Helpful signage.
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  13. All day Happy Hour.
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  14. Can-bottles.
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  15. Sunsets.
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