Partially inspired by this NYT piece: The rest of the way inspired by my fruity fizz addiction. I don't care if you dissolve my bones, LaCroix. I'll drink you 'til I crumble.
  1. Cerise Limón LaCroix Cúrate
    A delicious cherry limeade that won't make me fat? OK.
  2. Apricot
    Sleeper hit, one of my true faves. I hope they never stop making it, but they probably will. All of my favorite stone-fruit-flavored products never last.🍑
  3. Passionfruit
    Very good! Refreshing and tasty.
  4. Pamplemousse
    Usually everyone's favorite. You can tell I'm different and sophisticated because it's only my fourth favorite.
  5. Cran-Raspberry
    Great mixer around the holidays, and also the rest of the year.
  6. Peach Pear
  7. Orange
    Classic but kinda boring.
  8. Berry
    Berry is fine when less exciting flavors are unavailable.
  9. Lime
    Good mixed with red wine. The rest of the time, meh.
  10. Lemon
    Similar to lime.
  11. Pure
    I have no time for unflavored seltzer or chips.
  12. Coconut
  13. Mango
    I've been hitting this one pretty hard lately, I think it packs the same punch as Apricot and Passionfruit.
    Suggested by @sloan