He's young, he's brash—the Young Pope is different because he's young. But what would happen if a young person did other jobs?
  1. Young CPA
    You've never had your taxes done like this before.
  2. Young Teacher
    Questionable methods, undeniable results.
  3. Young Marketer
    Markets just a little bit differently than the other marketers.
  4. Young Grandma
    There's a new grandma in town—a young grandma.
  5. Young Data Analyst
    Her spreadsheets and pivot tables are anything but traditional.
  6. Young Lawyer
    Graduated law school very recently.
  7. Young Baker
    Shaking up a centuries old profession with unorthodox ideas about yeast.
  8. Young Naturopath
    People are talking!
  9. Young Physicist
    Thinks the rules of physics don't apply to him.
  10. Young Welder
    A welder, but young.