I dream of having a cooking show where I give my tips on spicing up leftovers at home and turning them into an equally-satisfying second meal. It's loosely inspired by "Semi-Homemade" with Sandra Lee. But there are only two tips:
  1. Add some water.
    Put a little water in before you nuke it - anywhere from a few drops to about a quarter cup, depending on what the situation calls for. Then stir and reheat. This will compensate for the moisture lost during its time in the fridge and reactivate any sauces and whatnot.
  2. Put a fried egg on top.
    I can't think of any savory dish that isn't complimented by a properly fried egg. It adds depth of flavor and some texture, plus it gives you that "I'm cooking" feeling.
  3. These are the only two tips.
  4. Because they're the only tips you need.
  5. You are welcome.