I'm moving out of my house after a long time. Why do I have any of this shit? What was I thinking?? Let me be your cautionary tale: purge your junk now.
  1. Good thing I kept this cellphone box for ten years! Also, LOTS of blank CDs.
  2. Relevant publications.
  3. "LITTLE SCOOPS" temporary tattoo, never applied but slightly damaged.
  4. Actually, this bag is pretty cool.
  5. Box full of old clocks/radios. If I don't keep them, who will??
    Dream Machine! P'jammer!
  6. "Beautiful Girls" (1996) soundtrack on pirated audio cassette.
  7. A triple threat: one of those t-shirt looper things, a suggestive valentine, and a tiny teal recorder.
  8. Oh good, found my "Sweden" pencil!
  9. And my Clinton/Gore campaign sign.
  10. And my Spring 2007 issue of "Karaoke Scene Magazine."
    "Serving the karaoke community since 1993."
  11. As well as my Michael Jackson Ring Pop trading cards.
    These are maybe valuable? Too bad I'll never get my shit together enough to put them on Ebay.
  12. Bonus item: this poster.
  13. This awesome phone.
    I miss when phones were tiny!
  14. This basket of totally reasonable items.
    Including my "sports" Girl Scouts patch. No idea how I earned that one.