I've been lucky that there aren't too many, or any major ones.
  1. White scar on my left index finger
    From separating two frozen Eggo waffles with a huge bread knife on the day of my first boy-girl party. The waffles rolled apart, the knife cut into my nail and finger and I bled a lot and had to wear a huge gross bandage to the party. No one asked me to dance to "All My Life," by K-Ci and JoJo.
  2. Faint round mark on my left wrist
    I got this when I was four and burned myself on the curling iron that my cool older cousin was using, after everyone told me to be careful.
  3. One inch scar on back of my right hand
    Got this in a scratch fight with my "friend" over an autographed Babysitters-Club book I had waited in line for hours for Anne M. Martin to sign. When I later found out most of the books were ghostwritten I felt really betrayed.
  4. Tiny divot on my forehead
    Chicken Pox scar from when I was three.
  5. Scar under my chin
    Doing the worm.