Found a box of old school papers this weekend.
  1. Our teacher asked us to think of questions for Saddam Hussein. As always, I asked the hard-hitting questions other children were afraid to ask.
    "Why do women have to cover their bodys? Do you get breakfast?"
  2. Brainstorm.
    Amazed by how little my brainstorms have changed in 20 years.
  3. I had just as clear an understanding of what a scientist does then as I do now.
    Basic math, robot assistant, time machine set for the future (1999).
  4. I guess they asked me what words I wanted to trace and this is what I said.
    Sounds like something I'd be into.
  5. "These are parts of your arm."
    But not, really?
  6. "The things in my life."
  7. This was just ten pages of blank paper stapled together.
    So fucking deep.
  8. We were assigned to make up a news story. Another choice piece of uncompromising child journalism.
    Pretty dark, actually.
  9. I stand by this advice.
  10. Complete sentences? No problem.
    Stars of David by my bonus entries, for some reason?
  11. More great advice.
    Obviously sucking up in these responses.
  12. Dick Tracey fan fic.
    "It was one of those days, you know the kind of day in Dick Tracey." If this is a joke, I give my young self props on this one.
  13. "The World."
    I think this piece was heavily influenced by the video for Michael Jackson's "Black or White," which had just come out. Morphing!
  14. "Facts" about shells.
    "Like we said, they get sucked up."
  15. "The Scientific Discovery." Unclear on the details of this discovery, but I know it involved ectoplasm.
    "Little did I know that if I did not watch the cartoons it could lead to my fate." Convenient justification.
  16. "The Scientific Discovery Part 2."
    "Barf powder."
  17. "My Dog."
  18. Journal entry from a plane ride, I'm assuming.
    More barf.
  19. Potato Geraldo.
    No idea.