Pretty much some version of one of these, on rotation at all times. So restful!
  1. I'm pregnant
    But keep forgetting that I am, or just keep forgetting to get an abortion until it's too late, and I'm just like "Oh shit, I guess I'm just having a baby now."
  2. I'm trying to drive a car
    But I'm in the back seat for some reason, but can still reach the wheel and pedals. Or I'm driving but I keep falling asleep over and over again and waking up just long enough to be like "Oh shit, I need to stay awake because I'm driving." Or both.
  3. I'm in a weird house
    And there's a cool room/area/master suite that I'm really drawn to, and I think "I should live in here, it's really cool, I can't believe I've never noticed it before." But I also have the vague yet nagging suspicion that it's haunted or inherently bad somehow.
  4. I'm falling in slow motion
    At my grandparents' house, from the top floor to the bottom, like Alice in "Alice in Wonderland."